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Budget proclamation is the total budget that is proclaimed by the Chafe Oromia to be used for a given fiscal year. The proclamtion for a given fiscal year contains:

  • Total budget that is used at Bureau and Wereda level of Oromia region
  • Recurrent and Capital budget proclamation at Bureau level
  • Source of Finance the Budget is covered from
  • Total amount of revenue that is expected to be collected for that given fiscal year

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Tuesday, 03 February 2009 17:26

The Budget proclamation attached below are written in the following languages.

  • Afan oromo
  • Amharic (Note:You Need Power Geez Installed on your computer)
  • English

Budget proclamation of 1999 F.y. (MS-Excel 2003 Format)
Budget Proclamation of 2000 F.Y. (MS-Excel 2003 Format)
Supplementary Budget Proclamation 200 F.Y. (MS-Excel 2003 Format)
Budget Proclamation 2001 F.Y.
Budget Proclamation 2002 F.Y.
Supplementary Budget Proclamation 2002 F.Y.
Budget Proclamation 2003 F.Y.


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